Rent a car for £1

to go on weekends,to go to the airport,to move house,anywhere in Europe

Help rental companies move cars, and enjoy a one-way rental for £1 !

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For £1 I can ...

Go for a weekend

£1 car rental is a great way of going on a weekend with complete autonomy.


To achieve even more savings, share the mileage expenses by carpooling.

Get to the airport

Many cars need to be delivered to airports. It's a practical and economical solution for your travels.

Move house

There are not only cars ... Many vans are offered for £1, perfect for your house moves.

How does it work?

A one-way car rental

For £1, you rent a car or a van (from city A to city B) one-way.

Rental & mileage

You have the right to 24-hour rental and enough miles to make a detour.

Comprehensive insurance

Throughout the duration of your trip you are insured by the car rental company's insurance

Fuel & tolls

As in any rental, mileage expenses (fuel & tolls) are your responsibility. You can reduce these expenses by carpooling.

Any more questions?

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4.3 / 5
Calculated from 2761 user scores

Ottima esperienza con Avis e Driiveme

Nice Bologna

Nada que decir ! Barato y práctico

Lyon Paris

All went smoothly with no issues at all, thank you

Inverness Edinburgh

Très pratique, aucun point négatif

Barcelona Madrid

Hi !! Thank you for DriiveMe Service, and also thank very much for the gentleman who’s working by bristol Airport ! andrea Bonfanti Who is absolutely very Helpful person very welcoming and he’s take extra mile expectations and he come out side to show me where’s car parking thanks for great service

Bristol London

Bonjour C'était vraiment agréable Véhicule propre, roule bien Véhicule bien préparé : Départ à l'heure. A l'arrivée, la personne qui a réceptionné le véhicule était au point Rdv et à l'heure. Cordialement

Tours Paris

Prestation parfaite, autant à la prise en charge que pour l'usage ou la remise à l'arrivée, pour un prix dérisoire, merci

Marseille Villeneuve-d'Ascq

C’est un principe gagnant gagnant

Bordeaux Paris

Simple, rapide et efficace

Bordeaux Paris