£1 car rental
How does it work?

Enjoy one-way car rental for 24 hours

For £1, I rent ...

A rental vehicle
one way ...

Rent a vehicle to move between the two defined cities.

.. which I use
during 24 hours...

24 hour rental with enough miles to carry out the trip.

... With an insurance

An insurance is included in your rental

Why £1?

The challenge

To balance their fleets, car rental companies need to relocate their vehicles on a daily basis.

Current solution

Today, to respond to this challenge, car rental companies use transporter trucks.


To help them reduce their costs, DriiveMe offers them the opportunity to move their vehicles with private individuals in the form of a £1 rental.

Everyone wins

Owners move their vehicles at a lower cost and private individuals benefit from one-way rentals for £1.

How to book?

Book your vehicle

Choose the pick-up date of the vehicle.
It's at this time that you must show up at the collection address
Choose the drop-off date of the vehicle.
It is on this date that you must return the vehicle to the delivery address
Confirm your booking.
A payment card pre-authorisation will be required to confirm your booking (your account won't be debited)

Meet at the collection point and off you go !

On the day of your booking, please show up at the branch.
Don't forget to bring your driving licence and payment card
Follow the standard car rental procedure
Driving licence check, and security deposit if it wasn't done at the time of booking
Vehicle checks and signatures
Note the condition of the vehicle on the rental agreement provided and sign it.

Travel to the point of delivery

Enjoy your rental for 24 hours
You have enough miles to make a detour
Return the vehicle to the point of delivery
Simply hand over the keys to the vehicle.
That's it, you've rented for £1