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Bergerac Périgord-Dordogne

Rent a car for £1

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Why £1 rental?

Because you are doing a favour to rental companies who need to move their cars to airport Bergerac Périgord-Dordogne

Where can I get the car back?

Directly to the airport parking lot Bergerac Périgord-Dordogne. Rental companies are well located with respect to the departures terminals

Can I make a detour?

Yes, you have a 24 hour rental with enough miles to reach Bergerac Périgord-Dordogne

How does it work?

A one-way car rental

Rent one-way from your city of collection and the airport of Bergerac Périgord-Dordogne

Rental & mileage

You have 24 hours of rental with enough miles to make your move to the Bergerac Périgord-Dordogne airport.

Comprehensive insurance

Throughout the duration of your trip you are insured by the car rental company's insurance

Fuel & tolls

As in any rental, mileage expenses (fuel & tolls) are your responsibility. You can reduce these expenses by carpooling.

Any more questions?

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Bergerac Périgord-Dordogne