Altima Insurance

100% comprehensive
Fully Comprehensive insurance with Altima for duration of vehicle movements
Your vehicle is automatically insured

How the insurance works

In partnership with the insurance group Altima,
DriiveMe proposes a fleet insurance

For every DriiveMe movement, the Altima insurance replaces the annual insurance of the owner
You have no action to take

In case of an accident, it is the insurance provided by DriiveMe that intervenes,
allowing the owner to be fully covered without any risk of incurring a penalty

The guarantees of the insurance

Damage, fire and theft of vehicle

Vehicle damage 100.000 € HT
Fires, Storms, Forces of nature 100.000 € HT
Natural catastrophies with fixed excess per claim 100.000 € HT
Vehicle theft 100.000 € HT
Acts of terrorism 100.000 € HT
Windscreen damage 100.000 € HT

Third Party Liability Insurance

Defence Recourse £16,000
Material and non-material consecutive damages 100 000 000 €

List of excesses for the driver

Passenger vehicles Van Excess Reduction Option
Civil liability without excess without excess without excess
Defense - Recourse without excess without excess without excess
Vehicle damage Excess of £800 Excess of £1500 Franchise de 150 €
Vehicle theft Excess of £800 Excess of £1500 Franchise de 150 €
Vehicle fire Excess of £800 Excess of £1500 Franchise de 150 €
Acts of terrorism Excess of £800 Excess of £1500 Franchise de 150 €
Natural Disasters Excess of £800 Excess of £1500 Franchise de 150 €
Broken glass Excess of £150 Excess of £150 Excess of £150

The conditions of insurance

For the driver

  •  The driver must be at least 25 years old and have a valid license for 3 years in the UK.
  •  The vehicle must only be driven in the UK and neighbouring countries.
  •  The vehicle usage is strictly for completing movements booked through the DriiveMe platform
  •  The driver must not sub-rent the vehicle

For the owner

  •  The vehicle must have four wheels and a weight which is less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes.
  •  The vehicle must be registered in the U.K.
  •  The vehicle must not exceed 9 seats (including the driver).
  •  The power of the vehicle must not exceed 220 BHP.
  •  The vehicle must be insured throughout the year.

The insurance contract

The complete insurance T&Cs can be found at this address
Insurance T&Cs