House move Toulon - Metz
Rent a van for £1

Rental companies must move their vans, get £1 rental! (no hidden charges)

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Why only £1?

Because you are doing a favour to rental companies who need to move their vans

Can I make a detour?

Yes you have enough miles and a 24 hour rental

Can I load the truck?

Of course, use the van to save money on your house move

How does it work?

A van one-way

For 1 symbolic pound, you rent a van one way (from Toulon to Metz).

Rental & mileage

You have the right to 24-hour rental and enough miles to make a detour.

Comprehensive insurance

Throughout the duration of your trip you are insured by the car rental company's insurance

Fuel & tolls

As in any rental, mileage expenses (fuel & tolls) are your responsibility. You can reduce these expenses by carpooling.

Any more questions?

Find your removal van from Toulon to Metz

Van rentals are added on a daily basis on the site

Several models of van available

What type of house move would you like to carry out?

3 m3 van of Toulon to Metz
6 m3 van of Toulon to Metz
9 m3 van of Toulon to Metz
12 m3 van of Toulon to Metz
20 m3 van of Toulon to Metz
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Why rent a one-way van with DriiveMe?

Van rental at the best price

Rental companies must move their vans on a daily basis. In order to minimise their costs, via DriiveMe you can rent their vans and do a house move for £1.

Save time and money through one-way rentals

You do not bring van car back to the collection branch. This saves time as well as mileage expenses.

Environmentally friendly house move

Movements accounts for more than half of the gas greenhouse. The vans on DriiveMe meet the European standards of CO2 emissions.

Divide your expenses with your empty volumes

Take advantage of your empty spaces to transport parcels and goods. You will reduce further your expenses while doing something good for the planet. This secure service is 100% free.